Heya! Pretty dang pumped you're here!

I'm Holly, your friendly wedding photographer/storyteller/professional third wheel. I have been photographing weddings since 2016 and have never loved doing anything more in my life.

I dig:

The ocean (my all-time happy place)

Binge-watching/quoting Friends (all day err day) (not really ALL day, but definitely err day)

Laughing and sarcasm (I'm the one who wants to keep the mood lighthearted and fun!)

Flowers and plants (Be warned that I will 100% freak out about your wedding bouquet)

Extra-strong almond milk lattes

Tacos and Margs (My husband, Dave and I even had Chipotle cater our wedding! #noshame!)

Our fur baby (he's a giant, white, fluffy Ragdoll cat with bright blue eyes named Rafael and I cannot get enough of him)

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My inspiration:

L O V E.

I'm very lucky to be in real, hard, wonderful love with my snack of a hubby, Dave. Falling so in love with him ignited a passion for capturing that love between other people. Seeing the genuine smiles, the sweet touches, the laughs, and all of the other emotions that come along with it and being able to freeze and preserve it for couples to have forever gives me LIFE!

My philosophy:

R E A L N E S S.

I'm not all about that fake-smile-at-the-camera posed life; I want the real stuff. The way he tells ridiculously cheesy jokes that you can't help but laugh at. The way you melt when he tells you how proud he is of you. The way he grabs dat booty when you walk by because he just can't help it (you hot mama, you!). The tender way he wraps his arms around you. How playful and silly you are with each other because ya'll are besties. You get the idea. I want that. Your relationship is SO much deeper than "smile at the camera" and I will work to make your memories to reflect that.