I’m Holly!

I’m your friendly wedding photographer/storyteller/professional third wheel based in Columbus, Ohio. I'm a Jesus-loving, latte-drinking, Friends-binge-watching, taco-eating, Enneagram Type 6 gal who really digs telling loves stories through photographs.

Columbus Wedding Photographer

My inspiration:

Real. love.

 I'm very lucky to be in real, hard, wonderful love. His name is Dave and I am lucky enough to be his wife. This guy is my other half, the one who inspires me to chase my dreams, and who shares my joy for life. Falling so in love with him was such an awakening experience and it ignited a passion for capturing that love between other people. Seeing the genuine smiles, the sweet touches, the laughs, and all of the other emotions that come along with it and being able to capture it all for couples to have forever gives me LIFE. My goal every time I photograph people is to take a happy moment and turn it into something tangible so they will be able to re-live and re-feel all of those emotions every time they look at it.