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Jess & Aaron / Jorgensen Farms Oak Grove Wedding / Columbus, Ohio

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Jess + Aaron

Jorgensen Farms Oak Grove Wedding

Jess & Aaron’s wedding was the first one I had the privilege of documenting in 2019. What a way to kick off the year! Their wedding day took place at the always beautiful Jorgensen Farms Oak Grove here in Columbus. Their ceremony was held in a heated glass greenhouse which was so cool because even though it was a FRIGID cold February day, it still gave the vibe of being outside without having to freeze to death! You would honestly never be able to tell how cold it was that day by looking at the pictures. Partly because of the beautiful venue, and partly because Jess, Aaron, and their badass bridal party were TROOPERS and didn’t let the lack of degrees ruin a single moment of photo time! You’re the real MVPs!!!

Jess & Aaron shared a sweet first look in the greenhouse before the ceremony. You could see the smiles on their faces from 100 miles away once they saw each other! First look moments always get me. When I was taking some portraits of Jess telling her how dang GORGEOUS she looked, Aaron commented “Yeah, I knew I was done for the first time I saw her.” Okaaay stawwwp it.

Even after their first look and photo session together, Aaron still couldn’t help but become overwhelmed with emotion when he saw Jess walk down the aisle to him later that day. Whether you see each other prior to your ceremony or not, it doesn't change the emotion of THAT moment or take away from the specialness of it. It could literally be the last thing you do after a long day together, and it would still be overwhelming and momumentous because of it’s significance. It’s a life-changing walk toward each other, and trust me, that is ALWAYS felt!

Their ceremony had so many cute moments, but one of my faves was when the little flower girl decided she’d like a better view, so she plopped herself down right in the center aisle and observed from there. So funny and cute!!

Their ceremony ended just in time for golden hour so we were able to take some more photos during the beautiful sunset. Always one of my favorite times of the whole day! The reception shortly followed and it was filled with so many sweet moments. The floor-to-celing windows and gorgeous chandeliers made for such a stunning view. Jess and Aaron’s families and friends were so kind and so much fun which really made the whole day and night so enjoyable! Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Rose, for sharing your beautiful day with me!

Jorgensen Farm Wedding
Jorgensen Farm Wedding
Columbus Wedding Photographer
Columbus Wedding Photographer
Columbus Wedding Photographer
Columbus Wedding Photographer
Columbus wedding photographer
Columbus wedding photographer
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When the flower girl isn’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy!!!

When the flower girl isn’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy!!!

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I’m not crying, you’re crying.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

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Venue: Jorgensen Farms Oak Grove

Bride’s Dress Boutique: Wendy’s Bridal Bride’s Dress Designer: Stella York

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Azazie

Groom/Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Warehouse

Dj: Josh with Buckeye Entertainment

Flowers: The Flowerman

Hair & Makeup: Makeover by Elizabeth + Nicole Marie Hair + Haylee Lindquist

Cake: Alice’s Piece of Cake

Paige + Josh

Columbus Best Wedding Photographers

Paige + Josh

Columbus, Ohio

Remember when I thought I’d have aaaaall the time during my “off season” to do aaaaall the things, like blog every week? Lol. Hi beginning of March and first blog. Sigh, better late than never, right?!

So I thought there was no better wedding to share first than Paige & Josh’s intimate celebration that took place in October. I LOVE this couple’s story. I’ve found myself telling it to random people who don’t even know them because it’s so dang cute. Paige and Josh didn’t have to date long time before they knew they were the ones for each other. When they found out that Josh was going to be deployed for a year, they knew they wanted to get married before he left. They planned this small (but incredibly beautiful!) wedding ceremony for the week before he left, and they are planning on having a full reception with all of their friends and family when he returns.

Their engagement story is one of my FAVES! Paige has always loved Tiffany & Co. and has always dreamed of wearing a wedding ring from there. One afternoon, Josh took Paige to Easton to walk around…or so she thought! She of course wanted to walk by the Tiffany store that’s there, so he lead her in that direction. The Tiffany building has a small window in the front where they always have some sort of jewelry display set up. As they were “casually” walking by and talking, Paige glanced into the small window and to her complete surprise noticed that there was a photograph of her and Josh displayed, along with a little blue box and a shiny ring! Josh proposed, and Paige’s dream of getting to rock her own Tiffany & Co. ring (and getting to marry the love of her life, nbd) came true! Nice freaking job, Josh, amirite?!

Their wedding day started with a short but oh-so-sweet ceremony at a cute little venue called Zinnia here in Columbus. They exchanged personal vows in front of their closest friends and family and officially became Mr & Mrs! Afterwards, we headed down to Griggs Reservoir Park for photos. I had such a blast with them and their hilarious bridal party. All in all it was an awesome day to celebrate such a cool couple!

Paige and Josh, I absolutely loved being a part of your sweet day! Only a few more months until you are reunited in person and can finally enjoy newlywed bliss together!!!


Kelly + Andrew

Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographers

Kelly + Andrew

Columbus, Ohio || Hayden Falls

Kelly and Andrew-these are two cool humans. The more I learn about them the more I know that to be true. Kelly has lived in multiple awesome places including NYC, Chicago, and ON A CARIBBEAN ISLAND, and she is currently in med school while planning her wedding from out-of-state! Andrew has been deployed for a year and currently lives in DC. Super humans, amirite?! Somehow we were lucky enough to find a Saturday (a gorgeous, sunny one at that) where they were both in Columbus to do their engagement photos and I am SO glad! They were totally up for a little adventure which had me super pumped. We started out at Hayden Falls which is one of the coolest little tucked-away spots in all of Columbus, and ended at a nearby park to take advantage of one epic golden winter sunset. These guys were so fun, and so easygoing, and SO dang cute! I loved getting to spend some time with them and capturing their fun personalities and sweet love for each other. I am BEYOND excited to shoot their wedding at Jorgensen Farms in May!

Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographers
Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographers
Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographers
Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographers

Bryn + Will

I have known Bryn for years because we used to work together at Outback Steakhouse (I also met my husband there! You know what they say-theres nothing like a good ol' fried onion to create lasting love and friendships). She is super sweet and we initially bonded over our mutual love for cats :) She also loves horses, and I was SUPER excited when she reached out wanting engagement photos taken with her horse Ruby in the snow. I always love shooting new things, especially when they are as fun and beautiful as this was! The experience did not disappoint! I must say, I'm not much of a cold-weather, winter-loving gal (give me ALL the warmth and sunshine) but I have really been digging the snow this winter and all of the fun and beautiful photo shoots that have come with it! 

So without further ado, here's some winter wonderland prettiness for your Monday.

Oh and look for the horse with Ohio on his face ;) 

Best Columbus Wedding Photographers
Best Columbus Wedding Photographers
Best Columbus Wedding Photographers
Best Columbus Wedding Photographers
Best Columbus Wedding Photographers
Best Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographers

Columbus, Ohio Wedding and Engagement photographer

Karlie & Evan

After having coffee with Karlie and Evan and getting to know a little about them I was beyond excited when they chose me as their wedding photographer. These two recently moved to Ohio from California and are loving their life here. When Karlie was describing her visions for her wedding and what she likes, it could have been me talking! They are getting married next summer at the Grand Barn at the Mohicans and I cannot wait. That is definitely one of my favorite wedding venues and having the privilege of photographing this sweet couple there is going to be a amazing!

These two were ready to rock and roll for their engagement photos. They showed up willing and ready to climb rocks, walk through streams, and everything in between! They have two pups that they also brought along and oh my GOSH. They wore bow ties and suspenders with little doggie jean shorts and I don't think I've ever seen anything so dang cute in my life. This was a fun session from beginning to end to say the least!


Ashley + Clay


Ashley + Clay

                A Boho Summer Wedding

I had been looking forward to Ashley and Clay’s wedding for a year! I met them through Ashley’s sister, Alicia, who I used to work with. As soon as Ashley started sharing her visions for their wedding with me I knew I was going LOVE IT. We have very similar taste and style and the more she said “lots of greenery” and “eucalyptus” the more excited I got!  Not to mention how incredibly nice and chill these two are. Their true closeness and fun-loving attitudes made for some awesome photos-both at their engagement session last fall (which is one of my absolute favorites I’ve ever shot-check it out here ) and at their wedding. I love how natural and effortlessly-in-love they look together in front of the camera. Capturing a love like theirs is what photographer’s dreams are made of. 

Their wedding was held at Weathering Woods in their hometown of Zanesville, about an hour or so outside of Columbus. It was a gorgeous, sunny August day and everything looked beautiful when we arrived. There were so many sweet, emotional moments and happy tears that day. One of my favorite moments was when Ashley and Clay shared a “first touch” right before their ceremony. They didn’t see each other but held hands behind a door and Ashley read a letter that Clay wrote her. It was so so sweet. 

Their ceremony was beautiful and their reception was so fun. The bridal party was awesome and we had tons of fun taking photos! There was a killer sunset that night so we made sure to take advantage of that as well. Sunset photos pretty much complete me. 

Ashley and Clay, I absolutely loved being a part of your wedding day! I knew we were going to have an awesome time working together from the beginning and I was beyond right! Thank you for your trust and excitement and I wish your marriage all the happiness in the world!

Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer
Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer
Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer
Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer
Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer
Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer
Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer

German Village Engagement

Lauren + Eric

Lauren & Eric-two super kind people, one super adorable couple! You can't help but just be happy when you're around them. Lauren's smile is so beautiful and SO contagious and I got to see it a lot because Eric knows how to bring it out in her! (You'll see!) I had so much fun running around German Village with them for their engagement session. German Village is my jam. I know it's a lot of people's jam, and thats because it's awesome. It is definitely one of my fave spots in Columbus. Lauren and Eric had never been before so it was awesome to get to show them around! We walked all around the gorgeous neighborhoods taking photos, I took them to the Book Loft (because everyone needs to experience the book store with 32 rooms and requires a map to find your way around), and we ended our evening at Stauf's, one of my favorite coffee shops. A super fun engagement session indeed! I cannot wait for their wedding at Scioto Reserve next spring!

Get ready to smile a lot because looking at these two and seeing how much fun they have together will undoubtedly elevate your mood. You're welcome! ;)

Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer



LOL, we took this picture because earlier in the day they were explaining to me that Eric's hand was all scratched up because their cat attacked him ;D

LOL, we took this picture because earlier in the day they were explaining to me that Eric's hand was all scratched up because their cat attacked him ;D

How freaking cute are they?! Seriously!

How freaking cute are they?! Seriously!