Paige + Josh

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Paige + Josh

Columbus, Ohio

Remember when I thought I’d have aaaaall the time during my “off season” to do aaaaall the things, like blog every week? Lol. Hi beginning of March and first blog. Sigh, better late than never, right?!

So I thought there was no better wedding to share first than Paige & Josh’s intimate celebration that took place in October. I LOVE this couple’s story. I’ve found myself telling it to random people who don’t even know them because it’s so dang cute. Paige and Josh didn’t have to date long time before they knew they were the ones for each other. When they found out that Josh was going to be deployed for a year, they knew they wanted to get married before he left. They planned this small (but incredibly beautiful!) wedding ceremony for the week before he left, and they are planning on having a full reception with all of their friends and family when he returns.

Their engagement story is one of my FAVES! Paige has always loved Tiffany & Co. and has always dreamed of wearing a wedding ring from there. One afternoon, Josh took Paige to Easton to walk around…or so she thought! She of course wanted to walk by the Tiffany store that’s there, so he lead her in that direction. The Tiffany building has a small window in the front where they always have some sort of jewelry display set up. As they were “casually” walking by and talking, Paige glanced into the small window and to her complete surprise noticed that there was a photograph of her and Josh displayed, along with a little blue box and a shiny ring! Josh proposed, and Paige’s dream of getting to rock her own Tiffany & Co. ring (and getting to marry the love of her life, nbd) came true! Nice freaking job, Josh, amirite?!

Their wedding day started with a short but oh-so-sweet ceremony at a cute little venue called Zinnia here in Columbus. They exchanged personal vows in front of their closest friends and family and officially became Mr & Mrs! Afterwards, we headed down to Griggs Reservoir Park for photos. I had such a blast with them and their hilarious bridal party. All in all it was an awesome day to celebrate such a cool couple!

Paige and Josh, I absolutely loved being a part of your sweet day! Only a few more months until you are reunited in person and can finally enjoy newlywed bliss together!!!


Kelly + Andrew

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Kelly + Andrew

Columbus, Ohio || Hayden Falls

Kelly and Andrew-these are two cool humans. The more I learn about them the more I know that to be true. Kelly has lived in multiple awesome places including NYC, Chicago, and ON A CARIBBEAN ISLAND, and she is currently in med school while planning her wedding from out-of-state! Andrew has been deployed for a year and currently lives in DC. Super humans, amirite?! Somehow we were lucky enough to find a Saturday (a gorgeous, sunny one at that) where they were both in Columbus to do their engagement photos and I am SO glad! They were totally up for a little adventure which had me super pumped. We started out at Hayden Falls which is one of the coolest little tucked-away spots in all of Columbus, and ended at a nearby park to take advantage of one epic golden winter sunset. These guys were so fun, and so easygoing, and SO dang cute! I loved getting to spend some time with them and capturing their fun personalities and sweet love for each other. I am BEYOND excited to shoot their wedding at Jorgensen Farms in May!

Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographers
Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographers
Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographers
Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographers

Sydney + Scott


Sydney + Scott

Upper Sandusky, Ohio   September 2, 2017

Once upon a time there was a crazy adorable couple who had a crazy beautiful wedding and I'm the crazy lucky photographer who got to capture it. Sydney and Scott's wedding was basically perfection. I was dying over every amazing detail the entire day. Every time I turned around there was something else more beautiful and perfect than the last thing I just obsessed over! SO MUCH GOLD AND SO MANY FLOWERS and if you know me, you know that's pretty much all it takes to make me happy. Sydney had so many personal and sentimental touches sprinkled in (like the sleeve from her mom's wedding dress wrapped around her bouquet, and the roses on the invitations and in the flowers to represent her middle name). It was the perfect balance of vintage and fresh. 

But what's a beautiful wedding without an equally beautiful couple? Thankfully I didn't have to find out because Sydney and Scott are two of the most beautiful people, inside and out. They're obviously a dang good-looking couple, but they are truly two of the sweetest people in the world. I will never forget them taking the time out of their reception to chat with Dave and I for a good 20 minutes, just like we were old friends. Being around them and their equally incredibly kind (and fun!)  family members and friends all day left Dave and I both with such full hearts and feeling so grateful for our job.

So yeah. I freaking loved everything about this wedding and am SO EXCITED to finally share it!!! Enjoy all the beautifulness!!!

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Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer
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Upper Sandusky Church Wedding
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Emma + Aaron


Emma + Aaron


 a sweet and intimate ceremony by the water

I went to high school with a sweet girl named Ashley, who luckily I have stayed in contact with! I have had the pleasure of photographing her ever-growing family over the years and I can't wait to meet baby #3 soon! After high school, she moved to England for a few years and while she lived there met and became friends with Emma. (She also met her husband there!) Eventually Emma ended up meeting her brother, Aaron, and the rest is history!

They got engaged and Emma made the big move to the U.S. They decided to have a small and intimate ceremony in a friend's (beautiful!) backyard in my hometown of Mansfield! It was a gorgeous fall afternoon and they exchanged their vows in front of their closest friends and family. It was so special. I am so happy I was able to capture it for them. I also snuck in a few maternity photos of Ashley since she is expecting and looked so darn cute! :)

Enjoy the many favorites from the day!


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Kristine + Brandon


Kristine + Brandon

Short North Engagement

I first met with Kristine over the summer and after I heard her describe her and Brandon's relationship I was so excited to see them together. They are the perfect combination of playful and romantic! It's super sweet to watch and I loved every minute of capturing it during their engagement shoot!

The day of their shoot we met up at Short North Tavern and grabbed a couple drinks before heading out and about. Kristine told me that they were both a bit nervous but I knew they were going to ROCK their photos. When couples are so obviously into each other the way these two are it definitely shows. I was BEYOND right-they were such naturals! I barely had to guide them at all-they just started being insanely adorable and I just took pictures of it!

We started around the heart of Short North and ended just before sunset on a nearby rooftop  with an awesome view of the Columbus skyline. It was ah-mazing. (Just wait until you see her dress she wore for this!!!) I love this couple and am already so pumped for their wedding next August!!

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Columbus, Downtown Wedding Photographer
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Showing us how excited he is for their wedding :D


German Village Engagement

Lauren + Eric

Lauren & Eric-two super kind people, one super adorable couple! You can't help but just be happy when you're around them. Lauren's smile is so beautiful and SO contagious and I got to see it a lot because Eric knows how to bring it out in her! (You'll see!) I had so much fun running around German Village with them for their engagement session. German Village is my jam. I know it's a lot of people's jam, and thats because it's awesome. It is definitely one of my fave spots in Columbus. Lauren and Eric had never been before so it was awesome to get to show them around! We walked all around the gorgeous neighborhoods taking photos, I took them to the Book Loft (because everyone needs to experience the book store with 32 rooms and requires a map to find your way around), and we ended our evening at Stauf's, one of my favorite coffee shops. A super fun engagement session indeed! I cannot wait for their wedding at Scioto Reserve next spring!

Get ready to smile a lot because looking at these two and seeing how much fun they have together will undoubtedly elevate your mood. You're welcome! ;)

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LOL, we took this picture because earlier in the day they were explaining to me that Eric's hand was all scratched up because their cat attacked him ;D

LOL, we took this picture because earlier in the day they were explaining to me that Eric's hand was all scratched up because their cat attacked him ;D

How freaking cute are they?! Seriously!

How freaking cute are they?! Seriously!

Downtown Columbus| Proposal at The Roosevelt Coffeehouse

Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer, Engagement

Sarah + Nick

A friend of mine who works at Worthington Jewelers, Kathryn, (seriously the most amazing jeweler in town-defintely make a trip there sometime and look around! SO so pretty) recommended that her friend Nick contact me so I could capture him proposing to his girlfriend. Guys. Listen to me. Girls-go get your boyfriends so they can listen to me. GET A PHOTOGRAPHER TO CAPTURE YOUR PROPOSAL! It will be one of the happiest moment of your life and it goes by SO fast and you both will be so glad you have photos to remember it forever! 

Anyways, when Nick called me and told me his plan, I could hardly wait! He was going to propose at he and his girlfriend, Sarah's, favorite coffee shop, The Roosevelt Coffeehouse. Ahhh YES!! Not only does Roosevelt have amazing coffee (and stand for many amazing things-check out their website here but the coffee shop itself is beautiful. Floor to ceiling windows that let in all that good sunlight, beautiful exposed brick...all the heart eyes. I was pumped!

I met with Nick at Roosevelt a few days beforehand to go over all the details. He was so excited to surprise Sarah and it was so sweet. We planned it all out for that Sunday morning around 10am, which is when they would usually go there together. That Sunday morning, Sarah thought she was going to have coffee with friends but when she arrived, Nick was waiting with two lattes and one ring, ready to ask her to marry him :)

When she walked in and saw him, he got down on one knee right there in the middle of the coffee house. It was SO SWEET!!! When she said yes, everyone around cheered :) Needless to say she was very surprised! They both were beaming ear-to-ear all morning. After I gave them a few minutes to process everything and enjoy their moment, I took some engagement photos of them in the coffee shop and outside. It was all so adorable and special.

Sarah and Nick, congratulations again!!! You are a darling couple and it was my absolute pleasure to be able to capture this day for you! I wish you a world of happiness as you begin this next chapter of life together :)

Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer, Engagement
Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer, Engagement
Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer, Engagement
Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer, Engagement
Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer, Engagement
Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer, Engagement
Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer, Engagement
Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer, Engagement
                                                                                                       Look at that proud face!!! ^

                                                                                                       Look at that proud face!!! ^

Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer, Engagement
Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer, Engagement
Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer, Engagement
Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer, Engagement
Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer, Engagement
Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer, Engagement
Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer, Engagement
Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer, Engagement